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Increase your sales conversions by allowing clients to see how their own home will look before lifting a brush thanks to Autech’s Colour Selector software.

Colour Selector makes choosing colour schemes easy

One of the biggest problems with redecorating your home is that it is almost impossible to tell what it will look like when you are finished, until you actually are. You can bring home dozens of swatches, paint chips and colour samples but at the end of the day you won’t be able to see how it will turn out until you have finished painting. But not any more. Autech’s Colour Selector software allows your customers to see their home in any colour scheme imaginable, before they even lift a brush! The wide market acceptance of Colour Selector (over 350,000 units sold) means that you will receive a solid and reliable product that has withstood the test of time.

Colour selection software for the house

By enabling customers to import digital photos of their own home, combined with the easy to use stencilling tools allow your clients to truly visualise how their own house will look in any colour scheme imaginable. You can increase sales conversion rates by allowing customers to visualise what manufacturers’ paint colours will actually look like in their own home. The colour theory education and auto scheme tool allow you to easily create professional looking colour schemes — all of which are fully printable — allowing you to provide easy to understand quotes based on pictures of the customer’s own home. Plus, the software links directly to your website giving your customers 24/7 exposure to your entire paint colour range.

Autech offers a great deal of customisability, allowing you to personalise the Colour Selector with your own logos and colour palette, plus mix and match the tools and options that you require. We offer a range of features for professionals such as:

  • A paint calculator for accurate quotes.
  • Job estimation sheets providing guides for pricing labour, materials, and products — helping to reduce costs.
  • Printable job quote sheets complete with your logo and contact details, allowing you to provide customers with detailed quotes.
  • Save your schemed images out of the program as an image to email to clients or use in your own advertising
  • Professional versions of the tool allow you to export out an Interactive Colour Schemer file which can be emailed to clients. They can then open the small 1MB file to see their home in a variety of schemes you have created for them. The client can then edit the schemes and select their own colours and send it back — letting you know exactly what they want saving valuable time and increasing the client’s satisfaction.

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