Selection & Design, Solved.

Brochures, swatches, showrooms and magazines give your customers a fractured glimpse of their dream home will look, but none of these offerings overcome the barrier of imagination. Ultimately, nailing down a decision on colours and textures is really challenging.

The difficulty in visualising each colour and texture together adds time to the planning and design phase. This then grinds construction to a halt, costs you and the customer money, and makes their experience more time consuming and less satisfying.


This is the problem we set out to solve.

Dream Home Visualiser is the product of 20 years of building and construction software. It's designed to deliver comprehensive selection capability to the pre-sales process, delivering a better experience
and unbreakable confidence for your clients.

Hundreds of features, innovations
and powerful concepts built for one goal.

This platform sells homes.

Dream Home Visualiser allows your client to visualise their dream home both inside and out. It’s designed specifically for the home builder market, enabling your client to click or touch their way to the perfect combination of material, texture and colour at their leisure. Every imaginable surface can be selected and customised, from the colour of their bricks to the texture of the kitchen bench top.

This capability delivers peace of mind and provides a solid foundation for customers making a big capital outlay; Dream Home Visualiser is your key to unlocking visualisation and guaranteeing client satisfaction.