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Enterprise Apps: TasRail Fault Reporting System

Enterprise Apps: TasRail Fault Reporting System

TasRail Enterprise Fault Management System

Tasrail came to us with a problem. The fault reporting system for their locomotive fleet was labour intensive, difficult to track and lacked accountability.

We were pleased to be able to offer a digital solution that resolved the problem. After working with their team to define the requirements for their system, we created an iPad app and administration portal that communicated faults between drivers on board their locomotives, maintenance departments and administration.

Our solution provides ease of reporting, transparency in processes and useful data management for the company.

Apps: Brochure Buddy

Apps: Brochure Buddy

The Definitive App for Touring Tasmania.

Discover and explore the very best of Tasmania with Brochure Buddy, the perfect tool for planning your trip and touring. From famous tourist attractions to hidden gems, Brochure Buddy provides instant and convenient access to a wide range of Tasmanian destinations and services.

Explore by region or category and uncover the very best of what the state has to offer. Find transport, accommodation, attractions, food and beverage outlets, shopping hot spots and tourist activities nearby. These can be stored as your favourites to create a complete itinerary for your Tasmanian holiday. 

Research and plan your holiday with Brochure Buddy’s trip planner. Add your favourite attractions and destinations to this clever feature, and create an optimised route for your Tasmanian journey. Brochure Buddy also provides offline directions, to allow you to explore the most remote corners of our beautiful Apple Isle.

Dream Home Visualiser: Carlisle Homes

Dream Home Visualiser: Carlisle Homes

Introducing the Carlisle Visualiser.

Carlisle Homes uses Autech's Dream Home Visualiser to engage their customers in the planning and building process, which results in confident buyers, saves in expensive mistakes and a ensures a build that ticks all the boxes.

The Carlisle Visualiser allows one picture to say so much more than a thousand words.

Never before has designing your very own dream home been so easy! In a few simple clicks you can customise interiors and exteriors with hundreds of textures, materials and colour options, taking the guesswork out of any design equation. See everything change right in front of you, it’s fun and easy to use!

Apps: Dyrup Smart

Apps: Dyrup Smart

Experience Vibrant Colour.

Dyrup Smart by Dyrup is an easy to use “Paint Colour Application” for the smart phones and tablets. Dyrup Smart simply allows user to pick your favourite colour from the exclusive Dyrup Moods families. Each family showcases a perfect collection of the trendiest, stylized colours carefully hand-picked and chosen keeping in mind the fashion trends. Select your favorite colour and allow the app to guide you to the perfect Monochromatic, Complementary, Analogous, Split Complementary colour combinations.

Special features:
Visualise a room: - Select a picture from Dyrup recommended categories of “Bedroom, Dining room, Kids room and Living room”. Then find your favorite colour from the Dyrup Moods families or Colour Wheel. The fun begins where one can play with different colours for different areas of the selected room. What’s more save the colour combination either within the APP or in your phone library for further reference and records.


Online Visualiser: Hickinbotham & Statesman Homes

Online Visualiser: Hickinbotham & Statesman Homes

Online Visualiser for Hickinbotham Homes.

Sleek and Contemporary, or classic and traditional - choosing the right decor, fittings and fixtures for your home is an exciting an important time. iStyle is here to help. With the click of a mouse, iStyle allows you to personalise your home by making colour, style and material selections - everything from bricks and roof tiles to kitchen cupboard and floor coverings.


Dream Home Visualiser: National Tiles

Dream Home Visualiser: National Tiles

Introducing the National Tiles Visualiser: 

National Tiles uses a tailored version of our Dream Home Visualiser to engage their customers with their range of tiles.

See your ideas come to life with National Tiles' Visualiser, the new design tool for you to choose the finishes in your home - online and free to use.

Create multiple personalised designs of one room or even design your dream home in minutes. Select your choice of tiles, paint colours, stone bench tops, and soft furnishings to turn your dream home or renovation into a reality.

Hanson Products App

Hanson Products App

The Hanson Mobile Application was built to cater to the needs of contractors who utilise Hanson aggregate, concrete, and precast products. The main menu of the app was designed for quick access to the key features, such as the MyHanson portal for managing orders and deliveries.

Apps: Jotun Colour Match

Apps: Jotun Colour Match

Jotun ColourMatch iPhone & Android App

Autech is pleased to launch Europe’s first paint colour matching application for iPhone (coming soon) and Android (available now).

Jotun ColourMatch makes finding your favourite colour quick and simple.
With Jotun ColourMatch you simply take a photo with your phone’s camera and have Jotun ColourMatch find the nearest colour according to your selection.

Jotun ColourMatch lets you pick any colour on your photos by tapping the screen. It will match your desired colour to one of Jotuns 1400+ paint colours. Jotun ColourMatch can also recommend a variety of colour combinations that coordinate with your selected colour, using colour theory and the colour wheel. To have more combination you simply shake your phone.
Once you have found your colour and scheme, it’s easy to find your nearest Jotun store using the built-in store locator. 

Save your scheme for future use or email it to friends and family and get their opinions on your colour selection. Finding your favourite colour has never been easier!


Jotun ColourMatch Features:

  • Video on how to use Jotun ColourMatch.
  • More than 1400+ colours to select from.
  • Designer schemes from professional colour consultants.
  • Get different colour combinations using colour theory and the colour wheel.
  • Save photos and colours for future reference.
  • Send colours and schemes to family and friends.
  • Find your local dealer.
  • Comes with both English and Norwegian languages.
  • It’s free.

Apps: Haymes iColour

Apps: Haymes iColour

The World's Original Paint App.

Autech was pleased to launch Australia’s first paint colour matching application for the iPhone and Android — Haymes iColour.

Thinking of painting? Having trouble picking the right colour scheme? Haymes iColour is for you!

Now you can match paint colours from a photo. Inspiration for your painting project can strike anywhere — it can come from the home, on holiday, from nature, from urban environments, from magazines, or maybe you spot something in a hotel or your friend’s home that you really love. But how do you know which paint colours are used, or which paint colours would match the colour of that flower, or that sunset, or that ancient temple? With Haymes iColour you can simply snap a photo with your in-built iPhone camera and then have iColour match the nearest Haymes Paint colour to your selected colour from the photo — great huh?

Don’t have time to match the colour there and then? No problem. Simply snap a photo and then open it in the iColour app when you get home — simple! Haymes iColour allows you to pick any colour from your photos by tapping on the screen. The app will then match your desired colour to one of Haymes’ 400+ paint colours. Not only that, but iColour will then recommend a variety of different colour combinations that coordinate well with your selected colour using colour theory and the colour wheel. And if you don’t like the recommended schemes, simply shake your iPhone to see a new range of schemes! Haymes’ team of professional colour consultants have also been through the entire Haymes colour range and have put together a collection of Designer Schemes for each and every colour so there is sure to be one that suits your individual taste.

Once you have found your ideal colour scheme, you can find your nearest Haymes Paint stockist using the Store Locator. Simply enter your postcode to find the closest store near you. You will be presented with the store name, address, contact details, a map and even have driving directions provided from your current location.

You can save your scheme for future reference and email it to friends and family, or even send it to your local dealer so they can have it all ready to go when you arrive at the store!

The application is quick and easy to use with intuitive controls; pinch and squeeze your photos to zoom in and out, glide your fingers up and down the screen to scroll, swipe to delete saved schemes, plus much more.

Haymes iColour Features:

  • Introduction video to demonstrate the app
  • Pick a colour from an inspirational photo and match it with one of Haymes’ 400+ premium paint colours.
  • Recommended Designer Schemes from Haymes’ professional colour consultants.
  • See a variety of coordinating colours created using colour theory and the colour wheel.
  • Find your local Haymes Paint stockist using the Store Locator.
  • Save your photos and colours for future reference.
  • Email your schemes to family and friends — even your local store!
  • And best of all, it’s FREE!

Dream Home Visualiser: Metricon

Dream Home Visualiser: Metricon

Introducing the Metricon Visualiser:


Autech announces the completion of Metricon Homes’ new online visualiser, Envisage.  Developed over the course of 12 months, Envisage was launched as part of Metricon Homes’ new Studio M website. Autech’s innovative new software allows Metricon customers to visualise how their new home will look – inside and out – before the foundations are even laid.

By visiting the Studio M website, customers can see how their new home can look with bricks, render, feature stone or cladding on their external walls, and how tiles or COLORBOND® steel will look on their home. 

Inside you can view every possible combination of carpets, timber flooring and tiles on the floor, over 2,000 paint colours on the wall, and the full range of Laminex and Caesar Stone on your kitchen bench-tops – the options are almost endless. 

In all, there are 12 exterior facades and 12 interior room settings to choose from, plus over 20 supplier product ranges featured in the software, with many more to be added in the coming months.

As well as allowing customers to gaze into the future, Metricon’s Envisage program is fantastic for their sales team.  Envisage is fully integrated into Metricon’s own internal customer databases, so that any selection that a customer makes are saved to their existing Metricon Account.  This information can then be retrieved and reviewed at any time by Metricon staff.  The program also includes a back-end admin system that allows Metricon edit the tools and products available to customers; meaning that if they change their product line-up at any point, Envisage can be changed to reflect this.


Online Visualiser: Colorbond Colour Selector

Online Visualiser: Colorbond Colour Selector


The perfect companion for the architect, designer or home builder, the COLORBOND® steel Colour Selector Professional Edition features the latest in colour visualisation technology and presentational tools.

With this convenient and time-saving software, you can envision your projects in the full range of COLORBOND® steel colours at the click of a mouse. Featuring the 20 fashionable COLORBOND® steel roofing and 14 COLORBOND® steel fencing colours, as well as over 1100 paint colours, the possibilities for your house designer are endless.

New Features:

  • Next generation colour rendering engine that provides for the highest quality of images.
  • Generate harmonious colour schemes in seconds with the new Colour Scheming feature.
  • New easy-to-use image stencilling tools.
  • New advanced stencilling and image editing tools.
  • Stencil and scheme your images from the one user-friendly screen.
  • Comprehensive help section, including 15 animated tutorials with voice-overs.
  • New Colour Theory and Colour Wheel sections to help with colour scheming.
  • Print a wider variety of personalised colour scheme layouts, complete with your company's logo and contact information.
  • Export Interactive Colour Schemer files that can be emailed to clients.

The Interactive Schemer is a compact file which is exported from the Professional Edition of the COLORBOND® Colour Selector which professionals such as architects, designers and home builders can give to their clients. The Schemer runs as a stand-alone program, allowing anyone to view it without the Colour Selector software installed.

This file holds all the current schemes you have created and is a great way to present them to your client.

You can email the Schemer to your client, allowing them to modify and create their own schemes, then save the schemes and send the Interactive Schemer back to you.

This valuable tool, perfect for architects, home builders and designers is only available in the COLORBOND® Colour Selector Professional Edition.