The World's Original Paint App.

Autech was pleased to launch Australia’s first paint colour matching application for the iPhone and Android — Haymes iColour.

Thinking of painting? Having trouble picking the right colour scheme? Haymes iColour is for you!

Now you can match paint colours from a photo. Inspiration for your painting project can strike anywhere — it can come from the home, on holiday, from nature, from urban environments, from magazines, or maybe you spot something in a hotel or your friend’s home that you really love. But how do you know which paint colours are used, or which paint colours would match the colour of that flower, or that sunset, or that ancient temple? With Haymes iColour you can simply snap a photo with your in-built iPhone camera and then have iColour match the nearest Haymes Paint colour to your selected colour from the photo — great huh?

Don’t have time to match the colour there and then? No problem. Simply snap a photo and then open it in the iColour app when you get home — simple! Haymes iColour allows you to pick any colour from your photos by tapping on the screen. The app will then match your desired colour to one of Haymes’ 400+ paint colours. Not only that, but iColour will then recommend a variety of different colour combinations that coordinate well with your selected colour using colour theory and the colour wheel. And if you don’t like the recommended schemes, simply shake your iPhone to see a new range of schemes! Haymes’ team of professional colour consultants have also been through the entire Haymes colour range and have put together a collection of Designer Schemes for each and every colour so there is sure to be one that suits your individual taste.

Once you have found your ideal colour scheme, you can find your nearest Haymes Paint stockist using the Store Locator. Simply enter your postcode to find the closest store near you. You will be presented with the store name, address, contact details, a map and even have driving directions provided from your current location.

You can save your scheme for future reference and email it to friends and family, or even send it to your local dealer so they can have it all ready to go when you arrive at the store!

The application is quick and easy to use with intuitive controls; pinch and squeeze your photos to zoom in and out, glide your fingers up and down the screen to scroll, swipe to delete saved schemes, plus much more.

Haymes iColour Features:

  • Introduction video to demonstrate the app
  • Pick a colour from an inspirational photo and match it with one of Haymes’ 400+ premium paint colours.
  • Recommended Designer Schemes from Haymes’ professional colour consultants.
  • See a variety of coordinating colours created using colour theory and the colour wheel.
  • Find your local Haymes Paint stockist using the Store Locator.
  • Save your photos and colours for future reference.
  • Email your schemes to family and friends — even your local store!
  • And best of all, it’s FREE!