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Spectrum is a suite of apps to capture market share.

Available as a custom developed white-labeled suite for your coatings firm, Spectrum is designed to create an strong bond with customers, while providing irresistible functionality. More useful, fun, and valuable than any other concept in this space. Spectrum incorporates 3 apps, which share one fundamental goal to connect vendors, consumers, design professionals and applicators to your brand.

Once you start using spectrum,
it becomes your design workflow.



This is not a gimmicky toy for 'painting' walls.

Spectrum is built to sell more product, designed from the ground up to be the most powerful colour visualisation app on the market, one that is not only useful, but also helps sell more paint, to more people. The dynamic magic fill tool and our cutting edge slicer provide the most user-friendly room painter ever on a mobile device. With myspectrum, the push notification system enables us to get your message into the pocket of thousands of people. And our coupon system helps us entice even more.



Targeted to home users, spectrum home is equipped with a host of valuable interactive tools and information to support pre-purchase behaviour, coupled to integrated push-notifications and qr code offers to drive in-store product purchases.


Spectrum pro takes those same features, but delivers them in a professional-focused package. It gives contractors the tools to estimate, compile and send end of day orders, and access an innovative photo-based problem solver information.
Spectrum pro and designer have their own version of the push notification and offer system, to specifically target contractors with promotions, product releases, and deals.


Spectrum {designer} offers a delightfully elegant colour tool for designers, encompassing an artisanal colour interaction and scheming model
That defines colour in design.
Based around projects, we’ve crafted over 14 brand-new features to make this a go-to tool for design consultants, and posititions the vendor at the centre of their workflow: providing more options, and more clients.

Apps: Brochure Buddy

Apps: Brochure Buddy

The Definitive App for Touring Tasmania.

Discover and explore the very best of Tasmania with Brochure Buddy, the perfect tool for planning your trip and touring. From famous tourist attractions to hidden gems, Brochure Buddy provides instant and convenient access to a wide range of Tasmanian destinations and services.

Explore by region or category and uncover the very best of what the state has to offer. Find transport, accommodation, attractions, food and beverage outlets, shopping hot spots and tourist activities nearby. These can be stored as your favourites to create a complete itinerary for your Tasmanian holiday. 

Research and plan your holiday with Brochure Buddy’s trip planner. Add your favourite attractions and destinations to this clever feature, and create an optimised route for your Tasmanian journey. Brochure Buddy also provides offline directions, to allow you to explore the most remote corners of our beautiful Apple Isle.

Hanson Products App

Hanson Products App

The Hanson Mobile Application was built to cater to the needs of contractors who utilise Hanson aggregate, concrete, and precast products. The main menu of the app was designed for quick access to the key features, such as the MyHanson portal for managing orders and deliveries.